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If I purchase OptoGait 5 metre Kit, will it be capable of the 2D configuration?


Yes, all OptoGait 5 metre Kits are delivered with the 3 flat connector cables for enabling a 2D configuration (4 x 1m) and you can extend this with extra metres. Remember if you want to extend longer than 6 metres (up to 13 metres), you will be required to purchase the ‘OptoGait TX Boost Bar (for 2D configurations above 6m)’ - LM7185.

If I purchase OptoGait 1 metre Kit, could I swap the 1 metre bag for the 5 metre bag so that I can extend later without having to purchase a new bag?


Yes, you can. Please order ‘OptoGait 1 metre Kit (for future extension to up to 5m)’ – LM7230.

Which data can I obtain from OptoGait?


All standard gait parameters according to J.Perry(1) are automatically calculated and shown in real time and in printed the gait report:

  • Stance time
  • Swing time
  • Step time
  • Stride time/Gait cycle
  • Single support
  • Double support
  • Loading response/Initial double support)
  • Pre-swing/Terminal double support)
  • Length of step
  • Length of stride
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Cadence/step frequency
  • Total walked distance
  • Foot contact phases (Contact, Foot flat, Propulsive)
  • Differentiated left and right foot data
  • Average, minimum, maximum and std. deviation

Running Analysis:

  • Step length
  • Stride length
  • Flight Time
  • Contact Time
  • Height
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Foot contact phases (Contact, Foot flat, Propulsive)
  • Differentiated left and right foot data
  • Average, minimum, maximum and std. deviation

Can I customise the patient report with my own clinic details?


Yes, of course, this is available in the report settings.

Can I have a demonstration?


Yes, we run nationwide demonstrations throughout the year. Please contact us for the next available date.

What support is available after I have bought OptoGait?


The system is extremely simple to setup using the Quick Installation Guide (and comprehensive User Manual if necessary). The software is also very user-friendly. If you require any support, you can call or email us. If we are unable to resolve your query, we will refer you to the OptoGait Technical Support team, who if necessary, may ask to view your monitor remotely using the ‘Remote Support’ feature on This is free of charge within the first year.

The warranty lasts for 2 years.

How long will it take for delivery?


We hold stock of OptoGait 1 metre and 5 metre kits and therefore the standard Algeos lead time (TNT – 2- to 3-day service) applies if the item is in stock. For all other items or if the item is out of stock, the customer lead time (from order to delivery) is 3 weeks.

I am not very confident with Gait Analysis/Biomechanics – do you provide training?


Yes, we offer a 1-day clinical training course specifically for users of OptoGait. This will help you with interpreting the data obtained from the software. Please check with us on the next available dates and locations.

Which treadmill do you recommend?


We recommend Spirit commercial treadmills.

Can I pay for OptoGait in instalments?


Yes, we offer financing options through a third party finance company. We can make a referral upon request.

Do you have case studies/testimonials?


Yes, we have excellent case studies/testimonials from OptoGait users in both NHS and Private Practice. Click here to view testimonials.

Where can I use OptoGait?


OptoGait is intended for indoor use only, with temperatures between 0 and 35°C.

What do the results mean?


The User Manual provides highly comprehensive information to help you obtain the data and interpret the results, but we cannot recommend interventions or suggest prescriptions.

How accurate is the system?


The optical sensors work at 1,000 Hz and have an accuracy of 1cm detecting the relevant space and time parameters for gait and running.

How do the bars record data?


Once in position the system detects the interruption in the communication between the bars caused by the patient’s movement calculating the duration and position. During the running, gait and jump tests the contact and flight times can also be measured.

How far apart can the bars be placed to record accurate data?


The bars must be a minimum of 0.5 metre apart (in width) up to a maximum of 6 metres. In a 2D configuration, the maximum length is 13 metres (using a TX Boost Bar).

Is OptoGait available from NHS Supply Chain?


Yes, OptoGait 1 metre Kit is also available from NHS Supply Chain using code: FNT185. All other kits need to be ordered directly from Algeos.

Can I use OptoGait images to market the service to my patients?


Yes, all the images and logos are freely available for this purpose (on

Is there a brochure available with all the information?


Yes, all this information is also available in a printed brochure – please contact us to request a copy.

Is there any clinical research available showing the effectiveness and reliability of OptoGait?


Yes, click here to view INSERT LINK TO TOP 3 or go to

Will I receive full user documentation with OptoGait?


Yes, there is a Quick Installation Guide and comprehensive User Manual provided on the USB stick (provided with the product). You can also access the User Manual from within the software.

Do you have an example of what a report looks like?


Yes, Click here

What is Gyko?


Gyko is an optional accessory from Microgate, which provides extra data about the patient’s biomechanics and is compatible with the OptoGait software. It will also work independently using Gyko RePower software.

How much should I charge my patients for a Gait Analysis service?


This is your decision but it is possible to charge between £50 and £200.

Which academic books do you recommend for learning more about gait analysis?


Our clinical expert recommends:

Gait Analysis – Normal & Pathological Function

Muscles Testing & Function

Can I purchase OptoGait in Northern Ireland?


Yes, we supply all Medical Professionals in the whole of UK.

Can I purchase OptoGait in Republic of Ireland?


No, unfortunately we do not supply Republic of Ireland – please contact Microgate for the details of the local distributor.

I work in a university. Can I purchase OptoGait?


Yes, many academic institutions around the world are using OptoGait for teaching and in clinical research.


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