The OptoGait system is extremely simple to setup using the Quick Installation Guide and if needed, the comprehensive User Manual. Alternatively, the Optogait guide from Algeos can be accessed here. These resources should get you up in running in no time, but if you do require further assistance we are here to help.

Have you tried the following?

  • Is the power connected?
  • Are the lights working?  Are they green?
  • Are all connection pins intact?
  • Has the hardware test been completed?
  • Are the webcams working?
  • Are you using the recommended webcams?
  • Did the software install correctly?
  • Did you disconnect the power before connecting/disconnecting bars?

If none of the above helps, please call us on 0151-448-1228 or email us at [email protected] detailing the issues you are facing. If we are unable to resolve your query, we will refer you to the OptoGait Technical Support team, who if necessary, may ask to view your monitor remotely using the ‘Remote Support’ feature on  This is free of charge within the first year.