Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Is the system portable?

If I purchase OptoGait 5 metre Kit, will it be capable of the 2D configuration?

If I purchase OptoGait 1 metre Kit, could I swap the 1 metre bag for the 5 metre bag so that I can extend later without having to purchase a new bag?

Which data can I obtain from OptoGait?

Can I customise the patient report with my own clinic details?

Can I have a demonstration?

What support is available after I have bought OptoGait?

How long will it take for delivery?

I am not very confident with Gait Analysis/Biomechanics – do you provide training?

Which treadmill do you recommend?

Can I pay for OptoGait in instalments?

Do you have case studies/testimonials?

Where can I use OptoGait?

What do the results mean?

How accurate is the system?

How do the bars record data?

How far apart can the bars be placed to record accurate data?

Is OptoGait available from NHS Supply Chain?

Can I use OptoGait images to market the service to my patients?

Is there a brochure available with all the information?

Is there any clinical research available showing the effectiveness and reliability of OptoGait?

Will I receive full user documentation with OptoGait?

Do you have an example of what a report looks like?

What is Gyko?

How much should I charge my patients for a Gait Analysis service?

Which academic books do you recommend for learning more about gait analysis?

Can I purchase OptoGait in Northern Ireland?

Can I purchase OptoGait in Republic of Ireland?

I work in a university. Can I purchase OptoGait?

Is the system difficult to set up and install?

Technical FAQs

What are the minimum requirements of my computer to use the OptoGait software?

Can I use OptoGait software on an Apple/Mac Computer?

Can I change the webcam?

Can I use the OptoGait software on Windows 10?

Are OptoGait software updates included?

Is the patient data transferrable to another computer?

How will I be notified of OptoGait software updates?

How do I install the software?

What type of TV screen is compatible with OptoGait for Patient Biofeedback (i.e. in front of treadmill)?

Do I need a soundcard and speakers to use OptoGait?