Simplify your life with Brand ONE-WRAP Roll!


Sick of messy cables and cluttered spaces? Brand ONE-WRAP Roll is the ultimate solution! Say goodbye to tangled cords and disorganized wires. This versatile roll can be easily cut to any length, making it perfect for managing cables, securing items, and organizing your space effortlessly.

Back to back tape for all your bundling and strapping requirements.

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Product Description

Brand ONE-WRAP Roll features:


Certainly! ONEWRAP® is a versatile hook-and-loop fastening system that offers secure bundling and organization. Here are some details about it:

Brand ONE-WRAP Roll (Black):

  • Length: 12 feet
  • Width: 3/4 inch
  • Features: Double-sided, self-gripping, reusable
  • Ideal for securing hoses, lumber, yoga mats, bulky cables, and more
  • Can be cut to the desired length
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Brand ONE-WRAP Straps by the Yard:

  • Unique back-to-back fastening system
  • Polyethylene hook laminated to a nylon loop without adhesive
  • Ideal for cord and cable control, accessory straps, and easy adjustment

Brand ONE-WRAP FR Fastener HTH 889 with Loop 3610:

  • Wrapped around products to be bundled (cables, wires, tubes, fiber optics)
  • One-piece construction with hook on one side and loop on the reverse
  • Provides superior cord control and cable management

Whether you need to organize tools, secure cables, or bundle materials, ONEWRAP® offers a reliable solution.


Get your hands on Brand ONE-WRAP Roll today and bring order to your surroundings!