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A new and innovative family of thermoplastic components for articulated AFOs - Launchpad

Realize the benefits of double action ankle joints without the large hardware and difficult fabrication. Featured below is the fully outfitted articulated AFO that combines pivot ankle joints, snapstop and X-tension components. This trio combination allows you to tune the shank-to-floor alignments with resist or stop motion to optimize gait and outcomes for your patient.

The Dynamic X-tension resists tibial progression and restores confidence throughout stance phase transitions over the foot, increasing 3rd rocker power and contralateral step length.

Transitioning your AFO has never gotten easier! Choose the appropriate bumper height and add a Static X-Tension component to rigidly lock your AFO.

Snapstop is an adjustable plantar-flexion stop that lets you make on the spot changes — no more glues, screws or tools needed, you simply snap in the stop that delivers the exact sagittal alignment you want from either top or bottom.

  • Simple fabrication.
  • Snap-in adjustments.
  • Large impact surface.
  • Durability and quiet.

Available in pediatric and adult sizes, the pivot ankle joint coordinates sizing with the snapstop product. The pivot joint on your AFO is simply a mechanism of movement that gives you an opportunity to control motion in the sagittal plane.

By itself it brings no value to the end user until you resist or stop motion. The index bushing prevents rotation during assembly. Like snapstop, gross lateral projection is reduced by molding around the smallest common denominator and then installing the thread height after fabrication.