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Podiatry & Footcare

Full range of professional footcare items for the busy podiatry clinic.

Blades & Burs

Surgical blades, blade removal kits and handles. Comprehensive range of burs, abrasive caps and discs.

Diagnostic Equipment

Range of innovative diagnostic and measurement tools for foot health assessment. 

Foot Care Appliances

Innovative range of items for generalised foot support and symptom relief.

Foot Orthotics & Insoles

The UK's largest selection of foot orthoses, insoles and orthotic components.  

Foot Casting Supplies

Foot and ankle casting supplies for foot orthotics and splinting.

Instruments for Theatre

Specialist, high quality instruments for everyday clinical use and podiatric surgery. 

Orthotic Components

Insole additions for chairside and custom orthotic production. Also, silicones and Podotech gels.

Pharmacy Preparations

Nail treatments, antiseptics, anti-fungal, anaesthetics, caustics, and foot creams.

Podotech Gels

Podiatric digit protection and insoles.

Rehabilitation Accessories

A great selection of products to aid the rehabilitation process.


Wide range of silicones in various densities. For the production of silicone appliances.

Woundcare & Dressings

Specialist range of bandages, strappings, dressings, gauze and products for wound management.


Nova (Kiato Plus) Carbon Steel Blades

Carbon Steel Surgical Blades (Box of 100)

Interpod 0 degree Flex

Interpod 0 Flex (Child) Length - High & Low Stiffness

Child Sizes available in two flexibilities. High Stiffness Flex...

Aquarius 1000ml Wall Soap/Sanitiser Dispenser

Aquarius 1000ml Wall Soap/Sanitiser Dispenser

Dispenser suitable for liquid soap & alcohol gel.

Aquarius 760ml Wall Soap/Sanitiser Dispenser

Aquarius 760ml Wall Soap/Sanitiser Dispenser

Dispenser suitable for liquid soap & alcohol gel.