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Neo G VCS Variable Compression Supports with Heat Therapy
The Neo G VCS range were designed from the ground up to be a complete range (23 different limb supports) that could be safely prescribed by Podiatrists, Orthotists and Physios, unlike the common rubber pull on tube design so prevalent in sports shops, which if worn incorrectly could at best be ineffective and at worst dangerously restrict blood flow.
Features & benefits:
  • With Neo G supports you ALWAYS have the option to safely adjust the tightness.
  • Fits perfectly every time and compression is fully adjustable regardless of presence of swelling.
  • One size fits all - Universal sizes fits from XS all the way up to XXL, so they always fit.
  • Medical Grade neoprene gives excellent heat retention, NO rubber or Latex is used.
  • All edges are bound for safety.
Safety First
All 23 different limb supports can be fully adjusted for tightness/compression while the patient is actually wearing them, which means every time the support is put on, it is custom fit, and exactly fits the contours of the limb regardless of the presence of swelling or not. If the support feels tight loosen it, or if extra support is needed tighten it. All the VCS supports are super thin and can be worn in the office, at home or on the field of play.
The Neo G range of Hot & Cold therapy compression discs is a big step forward in hot and cold pack design The Hot & Cold Compression Support System is a revolutionary design, ergonomically designed in such a way as to allow the disc to mould to all the contours of the body and not just flat areas of the skin like the calf, back, thigh etc, but to difficult to treat areas such as the knee cap area, thumb joint, elbow joint, heel bone, top of the foot and many other areas the other old fashioned square cold packs cannot treat effectively.

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