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MSDS Sheets

Algeos are committed to the health & safety of our employees, our customers and other stakeholders. As a supplier of hazardous substances, we strictly follow Health and Safety regulations and can provide MSDS Data Sheets for all our relevant products. All workshops must have copies of this information by law.

Information not listed below will be supplied on request by contacting us.
The data sheets below are for Algeos' products only. If you source products from other suppliers, please contact them for further details.

Acetone Acrylic Carbon Laminating Resin Acrylic Laminating Resin 80:20
Acrylic Laminating Resin Acrylic Sealing Resin Alexandra Panel
AlgeFoam (Shore A18) Alja-Safe Alginate Powder Amfit Blanks
Aortha ActiGrip Aortha ActiThin Aortha ActiThin TFS
Aortha DeZolve Aortha EVA - all densities Aortha LDPE
Aortha OrthaBond Aortha Orthafix Spray Adhesive Aortha OrthoPrime (for PU)
Aortha OrthoPrime (for TR) Aortha PPC Aortha Silicone Spray
Aortha Stealth Aortha Thermofelt Asti-OP A Component
(100 - 200 - 300 - 500 - 700)
Asti-OP B Component Aortha Orthagrip  
Bostik Unigrip 6092
(Neoprene Adhesive) (UK)
Bostik Unigrip 6092
(Neoprene Adhesive) (EIRE)
Cambrelle Carbon Resin Compound Benzoin Tincture
Cork Bottom Filler Crepe Rubber Cryospray 59
Cryoalfa Gas Cartridge Curanail Cilrelease 1711E (AEROSOL)
Delite Rubber Pyramid Dipping Latex Gripsotex LA60 SDS Dual Density Blocks (Shore A25/A50)
Duleur Foam (Nitrex PVC Free) Duleur Foam FIRM (Nitrex PVC Free)  
E45 Cream Elma Clean Estasol
EVA Wedge Strips EVO-Stick 5390 (UK) EVO-Stick 5390 (EIRE)
Fabricsmart Anti-Microbial Covering Ferric Chloride Solution 15% French Chalk
Gozin Leather Stretch Gripso Rubber Solution Gripsotite Ordinary Neoprene Cement
GP Finishing Ink (Black) GP Finishing Ink (Brown)  
Hardening Powder 50 High Density Algeocork (Shore A65) High Density EVA (Beige EVA Shore A57)
High Density EVA (Non-Clogging) High Density PE Foam Hydrex Spray
Hydrex Surgical Scrub    
Ice Power Cold Gel Ice Power Plus Ice Power Roll
Ice Power Sports Spray Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Solution  
Kalgena Ribbed Rubber Kumzof  
Lamisil Spray Lightweight Pebble EVA Liquid Phenol
Loctite 243 Low Density EVA (Shore A25) Low Density EVA (Blue & White)
Low Density EVA
(Brown/Light Brown - Blue/Light Blue)
Low Density EVA (Non-Clogging) LunaPur M
  Medium Density Algecork (Shore A50) Medium Density EVA
(Beige EVA Shore A40)
Medium Density EVA
(Beige EVA Shore A50)
Medium Density EVA (Non-Clogging) Medium Density Multi-Colour EVA
Medium/Low Density EVA (Shore A35) Medium/Low Density EVA
Monochloroacetic Acid MSD TRG Leather Renovating Balm Memory V9
N2O Nitrous Oxide 8g (FP) N2O Nitrous Oxide 16g (FP Cartridge)  
Nyglass - Fibreglass Component Nyglass - Nylon Component Nora Lunasoft
OKM Desmold F OKM Flex Foam 80 OKM Flex Foam 110
OKM ISO 120 Otoform KC & Harderner  
Peapod Dinky Physioworx Exercise Mat Pigment Paste for PU Foams & Resins
(Colouring Agent)
Plastic Acrylic Casting Resin Plaster of Paris Podotech Peel & Stick
Polyester Polyfest Resin Polyester Polyflex Resin PORON Medical Urethanes
PORON Performance Urethanes PORON XRD Urethanes PPT
Prenofix ProShine Spray Protocolle S Superglue
Renia Aquilim Renia Colle De Cologne Renia DeSohl Cleaner
Renia Gummilosung Renia Multi-Colle Renia Ortec Adhesive
Renia Primer for PUR (green label) Renia Primer for TR (yellow label) Renia Protocolle
Renia SuperFix Renia Thinner Renia Syntic Total/Vinyl Cement
Renia Top-Fit Revive Cast Fibreglass Revive Cast Polyester (Rigid)
Revive Cast Polyester (Semi-Rigid) Ruck Plastic Cleaner  
Salicylic Acid Scandonest Shannon Carbon Composite
Silver Nitrate 95% Caustic Pencil Solvent Thinners No. 1 (for Neoprene) Standard High Density EVA
Standard Medium Density EVA Silver Nitrate 75% Caustic Pencil  
TEK Quick Black Texon Cellulose Board T480 Texon Cellulose Board T696
Texon Cellulose Board T2000 ThermoBeige EVA Low Density (A30)  
Vibram Commando Videne Antiseptic Solution  
Wellen Trainer Rubber White Soft Paraffin (Petroleum Jelly)  
XT Sprint    
Zoff Adhesive Remover Wipes    
HD Plastazote - all colours (excl. Black) HD80 HD115 HD Black Plastazote  HD80 HD115 LD Plastazote - all colours (excl. White or Black) LD24 LD33 LD45 LD60
LD White Plastazote LD24 LD33 LD45 LD60 LD Black Plastazote LD24 LD33 LD45 LD60  
Aortha Actigrip Extra Evazote EVA -All Densities
Brillo Spray - Black 060     
Xstal Maxwell Panel - Black  


Loctite 424 CAD-CAM Block EPDM Black Rubber