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Medicapteurs T Plate


Medicapteurs T Plate 


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T-Plate: Cost effective pressure analysis for all! The T-Plate foot pressure plate is the most accurate and cost-effective way to identify the plantar pressure profile. By providing a level of information beyond the capabilities of more traditional tools, the T-Plate will make consistently accurate diagnosis, which will increase patient confidence and enhance the reputation of your practice. The user-friendly software and real-time display provides attractive visual screens that facilitate patient communication and understanding, while immediate storage and load of recorded exams provide easy and efficient patient follow-up.

Compact size: 40 x 40cm active area with handle for portability.

Connectivity A choice of either USB or Wifi models.

User-friendly PC Expert software and Podocapture mobile app.


Why choose T-Plate?


The benefits of T-plate to your Clinic

• User-friendly software guides you through patient consultations.

• Visual impact reinforces patient education and orthotic recommendation.

• Immediate analysis and interpretation of data via comprehensive reports.

• Enables comparisons with previous patient scan or ideal mechanics.

• Highly sensitive mat enables analysis of children’s gait and posture.

• Lightweight, portable and easy to store where space is limited.


Cutting-edge analysis: Static, multi-step dynamic, and postural

Static analysis:

• Static mapping with centre of pressure, max. average pressure, and weight distribution pattern.

• Wide range of displays, including thermographic, isopressure, and 3D.

• Measuring possibilities include length, angle, pressure, and area.

• 1:1 printing report. • FPI (Foot Posture Index).

• Level of risk and offload pressure zones for diabetic foot ulcerations.


Dynamic analysis:

• Movie and frame by frame mode.

• Global dynamic view.

• Gait line display.

• Calculations and curves.

• CPEI (Centre of Pressure Excursion Index).

• Automatic diabetic foot report.


Postural analysis:

• Statokinesigram and stabilogram.

• Instability international parameters.

• Altuglass positioner in option.


T-Plate Specification

Size mm (Length x Width x Height): 565 x 612 x 22

Thickness 8mm

Weight: 3kg

Active area: 400 x 400 mm

Maximum load: 200kg

Number of resistive sensors: 1600

Temperature range: 0 to + 60 °C

Sensor lifetime actuation: >1000,000

Max pressure per sensor Ncm2: 100 N

Sampling rate max (frequency): 150

Platform connection: Wifi or USB

Power supply: Battery Lith or USB


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