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Machine Tools & Abrasives

Router Tools

Machine tools for Algeos Routers such as rasps and sleeves.

Sleeve Abrasives

Abrasive sleeves for Algeos grinders, routers and shoe modification machinary.

Sanding Belts

Sanding and grinding belts for all Algeos machines.

Cutting Wheels

Cutting wheels for shoe manufacture and modifications.

Polishing Wheels

Buffing and polishing wheels for Algeos bench and free standing grinders.

Coneiak Polishing Arbors

Silicone grinding and polishing arbors for working with thermoplastic materials.

SILIPOSŪ Foam Toe Splint

SILIPOSŪ Foam Toe Splint

NEW - SILIPOS® Single, Double and Triple Loop Toe Splints

SILIPOSŪ Foam Toe Separator

SILIPOSŪ Foam Toe Separator

NEW - SILIPOS® Foam Toe Separators

SILIPOSŪ Felt Hammer Toe Crest

SILIPOSŪ Felt Hammer Toe Crest

NEW - SILIPOS® Felt Hammer Toe Crest

SILIPOSŪ Deluxe Suede Hammer Toe Crest

SILIPOSŪ Deluxe Suede Hammer Toe Crest

The SILIPOS® Deluxe Suede Hammer Toe Crest