Liquified phenol 89% ampoules 0.2ml with applicators

Liquified phenol 89% (30 ampoules with applicators) - Not classed as a Medical Device.

£77.94 pack of 30

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Product Description

Features & Benefits:

  • 30 single-use 0.2ml ampoules of liquified phenol. Safer alternative to phenol bottles. 
  • Spectrum Chemical 89% liquified phenol, USP. 
  • For customers that only intend to use small quantities of phenol at a time, our single use. 2ml disposable ampoules area much better solution than purchasing in bulk. 
  • Insert one of the 30 applicators provided into the single-use ampoule for easy absorbtion and application. A small amount of phenol will be exposed, ready for application. 
  • Long shelf-life (up to 3 years from date of manufacture).
  • Warnings: highly toxic and corrosive. Liquified phenol can cause burns, severe tissue injury and is rapidly and well absorbed causing systemic toxicity. This product is not classed as sterile or a medical device.


Available only to qualified professionals. 

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