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InTray DM Diagnostic Test Kit

InTray DM

InTray DM Diagnostic Test Kit 

Reference: LA9700

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The InTray™ DM system consists of an outer, re-sealable label with an optically clear, anti-fog window covering the media creating an airtight seal over the 1” diameter surface.
The innovative design of the InTray™, with its unique, high-performance viewing window, can be placed
directly under a microscope, while remaining sealed.
The InTray™ removes the need to prepare slides (i.e. for the microscope) or expose the sample once the device has been inoculated. By combining both growth and observation into one fully enclosed system, the InTray™ DM removes the need for multiple procedures, increases throughput and decreases the cost of laboratory materials and medical waste.
In the presence of dermatophyte growth, the InTray DM produces a red colour which can be noted by eye and also through microscope if more in-depth observation is needed.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use - pull back the label, remove and discard seal, plant sample and reseal label.
  • Evaluation - Microscopically observe the medium for growth and colour change without opening the InTray DM.
  • The InTray DM is formulated to produce a red colour in the presence of growing dermatophytes.

Availability: Pack of 5

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