Interpod 6° Flex Low Stiffness

Used for LOW supination result.
As low as £78.00
Product Description

The Interpod 6o Flex is a great alternative to custom made orthotics and are made from durable Polypropylene.

Used for LOW supination result. Patients with increased forefoot stiffness assists the forefoot to rotate about the fifth met giving a higher GIB (foot flexibility) test result.


  • Available in two flexibilities – high and low stiffness.
  • NeuroFlex polypropylene shells.
  • 6 degree rearfoot wedge.
  • Shank independent.
  • Added support during supination from Windlass function from plantar fascial groove.
  • First cutaway and declination of the arch improves Windlass.
  • Cuboid Notch.
  • Large plantar rearfoot surface to allow for additional posting and heel lifts.
  • Full length self-adhesive covers in the pack x 1.

sold in pairs.