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Interpod 0° Flex ¾ Length - High & Low Stiffness

Interpod 0 degree Flex

Interpod 0° Flex ¾ Length - High & Low Stiffness 

Pharmacy Item: Available only to HPC registered practitioners.

Size & Stiffness:


alternative to custom made orthotics

Customer Notice – Interpod Delay

Due to the lockdown restrictions in New Zealand all Interpod products are severely delayed. We expect delivery in 6 weeks (from 10/09/2021). Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The Interpod 0o Flex is a great alternative to custom made orthotics. Made from NeuroFlex Polypropylene, the 0o Flex is available in two flexibilities.

High Stiffness Flex

Used for HIGH supination resistance results. Patients requiring added support without extra rearfoot or midfoot orthotic shell height.

Low Stiffness Flex

Used for LOW supination result. Patients with increased forefoot stiffness assists the forefoot to rotate about the fifth met giving a higher GIB (foot flexibility) test result.


  • Available in two flexibilities.
  • Midfoot control.
  • Neurolex polypropylene shells.
  • 0 degree rearfoot wedge.
  • Shank independent.
  • Comfortable profile.
  • Large plantar rearfoot surface to allow for additional posting and heel lifts.
  • Full length self-adhesive covers in the pack x 1.

sold in pairs.




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