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Ingrowing Toe Nail Treatment Pack

The pain disappears instantly. The wound cicatrises and the swelling
disappears in a few days. If used enough during time after the healing
occurs it will eliminate the possibility of relapse.

The preceding methods were based in modifying the nail's anatomy, either by deforming it during treatment or by totally or partially surpressing it
(surgical methods). The present method does not alter the nail or any of the adjacent tissues.

No glues
No potentially harmful chemicals are needed, the device can be easily removed at any time you desire.

It goes unnoticed
Its size and placement makes it hardly visible when bare.

Easy Positioning
For the easiest introduction of the cannula into the channel of the ingrown nail, it is essential to use a fine pointed pincer (See below).

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Co-Clens Surface Disinfectant Spray

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