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Infrared Dual Oven


Infrared Dual Oven 

Reference: LM1287

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• Easy operation by central touch panel.
• Precise thermostat control by measuring the material temperature.
• Timer feature.
• Ramp feature for slow heating processes (e.g. Pre-Preg processing).
• User-defi ned heating process memory.
• Optimized heat insulation of the oven housing.
• A heated area of 2140 x 1040 mm.
• Double thermostat controller.
• Removable divider.

• Allows you to process materials with different temperature requirements at the same time.
• Never burn your plastic again.
• Have absolute control over the surface temperature of the material.
• Allows you to heat larger material sheets.
• two sheets of 1x1 meter or two Blister-forming trays can be heated separately.
• Space saving sliding door for all ovens with Roll-about tray.

An oven which is instant on, which needs no preheating time and does not overheat and burn materials.


Type:                                        IR2102 - DUAL - Infrared Oven for the O&P field
                                                including movable Roll-about tray
                                                Unit with DUAL temperature control and removable dash panel. Suitable
                                                either for heating 2m x 1m or independent 2x 1m x 1m.
Footprint:                                  approx. 3,1m² / oven housing movable on casters
Dimensions:                              Outside: W 2400 mm - D 1240mm - H 1300mm
                                                Total height with door opened: 1750mm
                                                Inside: W 2100mm - D 1090mm - H 500mm
Roll-about tray:                          Independent, 4 locking casters, locking gas shock lift adjustment - locks at                                                    any height, Single-hand operation
heating range:                           W 2040 x D 1040 mm
Lift range:                                  710 mm - 940 mm
Power supply:                            400V / 50/60Hz / 3 Phase / (32 Amp. CEE) / total capacity 12,9 kW
                                                Heating 28 Infrared-Quartz-tubes with refl ector
                                                Dual zone switching (2x 14)
Temperature reading:                Opto-elektronic IR-measuring unit
                                                Measuring of the material´s surface temperature!
Temperature control:                 DUAL Digital PID-Controller, infinitely adjustable from 30°C to 250°C (display                                                   in °F available). DUAL SPS controller with 3,5“ Touch panel, showing SET and                                                   CURRENT temperature, timer- and Heating-ramp feature, multi language                                                       user interface, software updates available via USB port
Door mechanism:                      Space saving vertical movement, gas shock (2x) assisted, ball bearing guided,
                                                Double-pane viewing window
Illumination:                               4 x 25 watts
Colour/Farbe:                            Inside stainless steel,
                                                Outside structural effect paint blue/light grey RAL 5017/7035.


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Highly Recommended

"<p> The contact and support from Algeos made the whole buying and delivery process very easy. The oven is energy saving and easy to use. I highly recommend this product.</p> "

by Ian Adam