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Ice Semi Flex - 1.8mm Blanks

Ice Semi Flex - 1.8mm Blanks

Ice Semi Flex - 1.8mm Blanks 


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The XT Composite range of materials are used for moulded ‘functional foot orthotics’ when full control is required. This rigid material is manufactured from carbon fibre composite and polypropylene, which helps provide you with a strong, lightweight and rigid orthotic.

Carbon composites offer a superior alternative to the heavy steel sole plates traditionally used in surgical shoe manufacture.

  • Carbon composites offer a range of control in 5 thicknesses, each with own level of flexibility.
  • No creep, relaxing or bottoming out.
  • Used for deep heel cups needing directional support.
  • Can be re-heated and re-moulded.
  • Easy to machine and finish.


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Great product

"<p> The combination of the carbon makes this product thin, strong and easy to use. Have had trouble with thin poly prop bottoming out over time in the past and i don&#39;t have the tools to cut carbon. Was able to trim this with some heavy duty scissors, nippers and ALOT of elbow grease, was a bit tough going but achievable! Once i got the temp right it molded nicely around the heel and didn&#39;t stick to my oven like other materials- I dusted a bit of P.O.P over the black side and placed black side down in oven. The finished product looked great with the design on the underside and an additional top cover. I didn&#39;t have to sand the top side to make cover stick as is already prepared to make adhesion easy. I think it only comes as a single blank not a pair?? so bear this in mind when ordering.</p> "

by Danielle