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Product Focus

Ice Power

Ice Power is the original cold gel that quickly and effectively relieves pain and inflammation. Ice Power Cold Gel is a safe long term cold treatment for the whole family. Ice Power Cold Gel reduces swelling, releases muscle tension and fastens recovery in injuries and muscle exertion. Ice Power is a safe choice for also children and during pregnancy and breast feeding.

One product with several uses

  • Strains, sprains, sport injuries
  • Haemorrhage and bruises
  • Neck-, shoulder and back pain
  • Ischias pain
  • Children’s growing pain
  • Minor burns and sunburns
  • Stress pain, muscle tension
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Reduce swelling

Ice Power Cold Gel

  • Instant effect
  • Decreases the skin temperature approximately 7 degrees
  • Long term cold effect is based on ethereal oils such as Menthol
  • Relieves inflammation and swelling
  • Effective pain relief
  • Activates the production of endorphins
  • After cold treatment the circulation and metabolism is increased in treated area
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Proven effect by clinical studies

Ice Power helps to relieve the painful effects and muscle stress caused by working with computer

Excessive work with computers, reduced exercise and intensive working creates problems to neck and shoulders, as well as to wrist and spinal region. Static and sitting lifestyle together with poor ergonomics and weak physical form can make one easily susceptive to complaints caused by strain. If these complaints are not treated and strain is not re-measured, one can fall into quite troublesome vortex of malaise. Stress derived complaints are usually caused by organism's response to excessive load, quite often the outcome is some kind of inflammatory reaction in soft tissues or joints. This inflammatory reaction can be effectively treated with Ice Power Cold therapy products.

Ice Power helps to relieve the symptoms of Rheumatism

In rheumatic conditions the joints become inflamed and this results in structural changes and dislocation. These changes are due to continuous or repeated inflammation and therefore treatment of inflammation is necessary. There is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis but its progress can be delayed and even halted with medication. Also essential are exercise, movement therapy and cold treatment. The main aim of treatments is the control of rheumatic inflammation, pain relief and increased mobility.

Rheumatic inflammation generally appears in joints but can also spread to tendons, sheath and even to the muscles. Inflammation can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs but cold therapy is also beneficial. Cold treatment stops the inflammation from spreading, reduces swelling and relieves pain. Ice Power cold treatment is easy to use. Treatment with Ice Power Cold Pack by physiotherapists or at home quickly lowers the temperature in a painful area. Treatment can be improved by applying Ice Power Cold Gel during the day.

Ice Power in Physical Therapy

  • Treatment of neck and shoulder tension can be improved and treatment sessions can be shortened by utilising the properties of Ice Power Cold Gel. The use of cold gel in physiotherapy and clinics, e.g. for treatment of inflammation – combined with patients’ own cold gel treatment at home means the treatment continues around the clock and so the recovery is much faster.
  • When treating ever-increasing work related muscle and joint pains the use of Ice Power Cold Gel as a self-treatment at work is easy and efficient. In this case the work physiotherapists have more time for conducting preventive work.
  • Pain caused by rheumatism and problems with joints often make life excessively difficult. Daily use of Ice Power Cold Gel at home and after therapy sessions significantly extends the benefits of physiotherapy. A person’s ability to function is thus efficiently maintained.
  • The use of Ice Power for treatment of post paralytic or bone fracture contractures is an efficient way to combine cold treatment with therapy. Cold treatment extents the painless mobility of joints and relaxes muscles.
  • The improvement of post-operative treatment by the use of Ice Power Cold Gel considerably reduces swelling and enables to perform efficient rehabilitation from the very start.
  • By reason of its drug-free nature Ice Power Cold Gel is suitable for treatment of back pains and swollen legs of pregnant and breast-feeding women as well.
  • Growing pains of children - that mostly appear at nights – can be prevented and treated by the use of Ice Power Cold Gel. The pain relieving effect comes quickly and the child doesn’t need medicine for pain relief.
  • The use of Ice Power Cold Gel in cases of acute injuries like strains, sprains, sport injuries and bruises is efficient and easy both as a self-treatment as well as a professional treatment. In combination with Ice Power Cold Packs it is possible to achieve a longer lasting reduction of tissue temperature, at which the swelling and inner bleeding of the injured area is effectively reduced.
  • Ice Power Cold Gel is a unique and efficient physiotherapeutic and self-care treatment for long-term contusion and strain injuries and it can be utiliSed regardless of the place.
  • Ice Power Cold Gel is a drug-free alternative for treatment of soft tissue and joint aches and pains. It can be used as part of physiotherapy and also in combination with pain killing drugs where it significantly improves the results of rehabilitation.

Ice Power cold treatments for sports

Treating acute traumas with cold treatment is quite a common method of first-aid. Cold treatment is very suitable for taking care of muscles after heavy training or a sports competition. Its tissue-cooling effect reduces infl ammation and enhances recovery from traumas. The cold treatments used most often are cold water, cold packs, cold spray, ice, snow and cold gel.

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