Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

These dynamometers give accurate grip strength readings without the subject feeling the handle move.

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Product Description

Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer Features:

Baseline® hydraulic hand dynamometer gives accurate grip strength readings without the subject being able to “feel” the handle move. The internationally accepted design ensures reliability, user convenience and measurement repeatability.

  • Maximum reading remains until the unit is reset.
  • Five position handle and body design yield results that are consistent with published Baseline® and Jamar® studies.  
  • The strength reading can be viewed as poundsor kilograms.
  • CE Certified. Comes in a protective carrying case.


Lightweight and reliable.
200lb capacity.
2½” dial.
Attractive red finish.

Most popular style since the 1980’s.
200lb capacity.
2½” diameter head.
Mottled blue finish.

Extra heavy-duty parts.
200lb capacity.
2½” diameter dial.
Sleek black finish.

2½” LCD head
Electronic zero calibration system
Max clear button
Toggle Maximum and current reading
lb/kg toggle.
300lb capacity.
Mottled blue finish
2 AAA batteries included