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Product Focus

Liqua Care Insoles

Liqua Care insoles contain a non-toxic, precisely measured liquid that flows through a patented control system. Because of the unique design of Liqua Care, whether walking or standing, a series of channels filled with a highly viscous liquid causes the muscles in the feet to move imperceptibly which in turn makes the blood circulate, thus improving venous pump function.

A patented liquid control system ensures directional stability during walking and enables an anatomically correct rolling motion of the feet.

On average, working people are moving up to 95% time on unnatural and hard surfaces, and new research shows that more than 63% of all blue and white collar workers are standing or walking for more than half of their work time.

Prolonged walking or standing causes fatigue in feet and legs, this can translate into discomfort in other areas of your body. The presence of liquid under your feet distributes the pressure from your body weight over a larger area, i.e. increases the weight bearing plantar surface of your feet.

By daily use, tests show that Liqua Care® can help provide relief from for example swollen feet and legs, "cold feet", muscular soreness, and back pain. Tests conducted show that 70 – 80 % of people who used Liqua Care® insoles reported a reduction in fatigue and sore feet and legs, caused by prolonged standing and walking.

Numerous foot, ankle and back pains during the adult age can be traced to and explained by years of damaging impact and insufficient foot cushioning, hard and excessively thin shoe soles, and consequently inadequate strain on feet and legs. The developed Liqua Care® Gel Insole represents a significant contribution to foot health and well being

Professor. Dr.Med., Dr.Ing. W. Diebschlag of the Institute for Work Physiology and Ergonomics at The University of Munich, Germany


  • Fatigued Feet
  • Swollen Feet
  • Cold Feet
  • Arthritis in feet and lower legs
  • Some types of back pain
  • Some types of heel and arch pain
  • Some types of achilles tendon soreness
  • Edema and varicose veins
  • Forefoot pain
  • Diabetic Foot

Liqua Care® can be easily inserted into most types of shoes and boots due to the slim fitting design and can be cut to size with a pair of scissors. High durability makes the insoles usable for work, sports, and fitness activities. Liqua Care® is machine washable and antistatic. The fabric top cover also allows for extra comfort and moisture absorption.


General foot conditions, Active workers (PPE), General comfort

Reseller opportunities

Volume pricing is available for this product on volumes of 20 pairs plus. Please contact us for details.