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Product Focus

CAD-CAM Consumables & Services

Modern technology is now being applied to Orthotic manufacture and the past 10 years has seen major innovation in its application and widespread adoption of it as a concept. CAD-CAM has become a more and more efficient and effective way to design and manufacture custom orthoses.

Unlimited material options

Raw material requirements for CAD-CAM differ from traditional manufacture. The need for foams and plastics in differnet formats, dimensions and densities has forced material manfavcturers to adapt their offerings, and is the catalist behind the develkopment of the Aortha CAD-CAM range Aortha CAD-CAM material provide the orthotic lab largest number of appliance options available.

Your choice, not your suppliers!

Materials sold with some CAD-CAM systems (some under contract) can be very expensive and restrictive in hindering your design flexibility. Aortha materials provide you with full design flexibility, a vast choice of material combinations and most importantly: major cost savings.

Why choose Aortha CAD-CAM?

  • Vast range of material options to suit your clinical requirements
  • In stock sizes, available for despatch straight away
  • Full bespoke cutting service
  • Modification of blocks to your specification, i.e. hole drilling
  • No restrictive supply contracts
  • Competitvely priced

Bespoke services

We offer top quality materials in various thickness and density and have the resources to offer additional services such as cutting materials to any size specification or drilling fixture holes.

We also offer a full custom bespoke service for special orders or sizing required outside of the 'stock' measurements.

Technology partners

Aortha has partnerships both locally and globally with the worlds' most innovative and cutting-edge software and hardware providers for all aspects of biomechanical analysis and computer aided appliance manufacture. We can put you in touch with or supply you direct with everything from gait analysis systems to CAD-CAM milling systems.

Examples of our partners' offerings include:

  • CAD copying & design software
  • Gait measurement systems
  • Orthopaedic scanners
  • POS footwear and insole systems
  • Milling machines for orthotics and prosthetics

Bespoke CAD-CAM Orders

To discuss your bespoke material requirements that may not be listed on these pages, or anything else regard to CAD-CAM materials, please call us on +44 (0)151 448 1228 or email us on [email protected]


Aortha EVA CAD-CAM Blocks are truly versatile and offer full manufacturing flexibilty. Devices manufactured EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) are lightweight, shock absorbing and very hard wearing. EVA based orthotics retain their shape well and reflect body heat.

EVA is an excellent material for use as a base material for a covered CAD-CAM foot orthotic or as the finished device. A higher density gives more control of the foot while lower densities offer increased comfort.

Easy Mill EVA

'Easy Mill' EVA is also availabe in block form. Easy Mill is an EVA foam is manufactured from a finer grain of EVA. When using Easy MIll EVA, the residue produced through the milling process is much finer than with standard EVA, meaning any build up is easily to removed. Easy Mill EVA is not as durable as our standard EVA, however it is milled in exactly the same way and will produce quality applications.

Material features:

  • Cost effective, EVA appliances generally have a life span of 1 year as a minimum
  • Available in a varirety of densities to suit individual patient weights and clinical requirements
  • Durable
  • Multi-functional
  • Extremely versatile

Single Density Blanks

Aortha EVA materials are also available as pre-cut orthotic blanks - AKA: Duck Shapes. Aortha EVA orthotic blanks are die-cut and ready to use with your current CAD-CAM milling station.

Duck shapes are available in different densities and colours to suit your requirements. They will fit most exisitng milling systems or can be used with your own custom system.

Can be fixed using double side tape or your own milling adapter frame.

The pre-cut duck shape blanks are also available in the Easy Mill EVA for a finer appliance finish.

Material features:

  • Pre-cut for instant use with your exisitng milling station
  • Available in a varirety of densities to suit individual patient weights and clinical requirements
  • Durable
  • Multi-functional
  • Extremely versatile
  • Less waste

Duck EVA Multi Density Blanks

In addition to our single density die-cut blanks we can also offer you a range of ‘dual’ and ‘tri’ density blanks to take full advantage of the CAD-CAM milling technology.

As with a casted device where different hardnesses of materials are used to increase the functionality or give cushioning or support, the individual pieces are shaped to offer a wide range of choices for the clinical prescription.

Duck PU Single Density Blanks

These PU single durometer blanks are die cut to shape and ready to use with your CAD-CAM milling station.

Duck PU Dual Density Blanks

Algeos dual density blanks combine different densities of PU materials to increase the functionality of the finished orthotic and provide cushioning or support where it is needed most.

Plastazote for CAD-CAM

For extremely light and soft orthotics, some manufacturers prefer to use Plastazote blanks. We sell Plastazote in both duck shapes and in standard blocks.

Homopolymer Polypropylene for CAD-CAM

Pressed, plained and cut to size, Algeos can supply Homopolymer Polypropylene to suit your custom CAD-CAM requirements. Our HP is of the highest quality allowing for superb finished orthtoics.

For further information or quotations on our CAD-CAM services and solutions, please contact us on 0151 448 1228 or [email protected]