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Product Focus

Neoprene Sheeting - Usage & Application

Neoprene is an extremely versatile synthetic rubber. Neoprene is famous for its unique combination of properties, which has led to its use in thousands of applications in diverse environments.

Neoprene is produced by forming a raw mass through mechanical kneading and rolling. In a multistage process of compression and extrusion this mass is then vulcanized into compact blocks which, after maturing, are split up into sheets of various thicknesses.

Afterwards, further surface treatment is performed or lamination using knitted fabrics such as Nylon depending on the intended purpose.

All of the process segments are subject to specific time, pressure and temperature conditions upon which optimal development of the various quality characteristics of the final product depends. The formation of a homogeneous cell structure without any cavities is crucial.

Neoprene is a closed cell material based on rubber. Its special mixture of different types of rubber as the base substance and numerous other components provides it with the following unique properties:

  • Aquatic sports
    • Diving, surfing, kayaking
    • Fishing and fishing accessories
    • Boat equipment

  • Orthopaedic's / podiatry / physio
    • Insoles and linings
    • Bandages
    • Supporting and padding elements
    • Belts and special-purpose clothing
    • Bags for sensitive devices

  • Outdoors / recreation / sports
    • Horse bandages / gaiters, hoof protectors
    • Motorcycle clothing
    • Trekking equipment
    • Treads
    • Shooting and cycle racing

  • Protective clothing / equipment
    • Protection against the cold and other climatic influences
    • Fire brigade clothing
    • Survival suits
    • Gloves

  • Design / accessories
    • Bags for laptops, mobile phones and photo equipment
    • Furniture components
    • Fashion wear

Product availabilty:

We stock Neoprene in both rolls and sheets (3.2 x 1.2 metres) and in the following sizes/laminations:

3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Black, Blue, Grey, Navy, Burgundy

Nylon, Lycra, Microfibre

Other combinations and sizes may be available for bulk order purchases. Please contact us for further details or a quote.

All Neoprene products from Algeos are tested for skin tolerance by our manufacturers. Test certificates are available to customers on request.