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Product Focus

Interpod Foot Orthotics - Range Overview

Making the correct diagnosis and prescribing the best solution for your patient is vital to your practice. Interpod's unique features are designed to provide a wide range for ease and flexibility of prescription for the practitioner.

1. Three distinct orthotic materials for customised prescription

  • Modular - EVA: Standard orthotic material
  • Flex - Polypropolene: Firm and flexible, comparable to custom orthoses
  • Soft - Polyurethane: Soft, superior shock absorbing material


2. Three arch heights (low, moderate and high)

  • For customised control
  • Ensures minimum biomechanical intervention
  • Maximises shoe fit options, patient comfort and tolerance


3. Rearfoot wedge to resist excessive pronation forces


4. Windlass features to facilitate supination

Interpod orthotics are supported & verified by independent research.



Interpod Modular

The Modular's level of support can be adjusted to low, moderate and high, simply by choosing the most appropriate insert that pushes into the base orthotic - allowing for immediate and easy prescription. The insert runs the entire length of the orthotic from the rearfoot to the forefoot, providing an even arch profile while maximising patient comfort and support.



  • Choice of 3 heights of base inserts (low/moderate/high)
  • Rear Foot Wedge
  • Cuboid Notch
  • Plantar Fascial Groove
  • First Ray Cut Out orthotic level
  • First Ray Declination (style footwear)



Interpod Soft Full Length

  • Plantar fascial groove reduces arch irritation
  • Can be used extrinsically for Diabetes
  • Comfort and superior shock absorption
  • Now available in children's sizes and with a low arch height
  • Available in 4, 6, and 8 degree variation

Interpod Soft 3/4 Length

  • Rearfoot wedging reduces the need for excessive arch height, while maintaining support and comfort
  • Comfort and superior shock absorption

Slim Tech

  • Allows for heel contact and a good comfortable fit
  • Orthotic for use in Women's dress shoes and sports boots
  • Light weight and easy fitting
  • Slip reduced by hook heel


Control Tech Flex

  • Eliminates pronation moments about the subtalar joint created by the lateral heel cup
  • Supplied with optional self-adhesive covers
  • Polypropylene integral posting over the subtalar joint axis


Interpod Diabetic

  • Inverted rear foot improves biomechanical function and enhances the windlass effect
  • 6° Moderate arch height provides adequate functionality for the majority patients
  • The Interpod arch profile was developed by Interpod to ensure superior patient comfort and therefore patient compliance
  • Open cell urethanes such as PORON® have been proven to reduce vertical pressures by up to 18%.
  • Medical grade PORON 96® sets a new level of advanced underfoot comfort technology