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We'd love to hear from you after 3pm, if you can call us back. Alternatively, you can place your order online or contact us by email at [email protected] and we'll aim to reply within 24hours.

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HCPC Registration

Customers who wish to purchase the below product types, will be required to submit their HCPC or GMC practitioner code. This can be done by registering here or by updating your account information.

One you have done this, we will need to check this against the relevant registers, before you can order. This is a one-off process which can take between 2 mins (9-5, Mon-Fri) and 48 hours (Sat-Sun) depending when the order is placed.

Pharmaceutical Products
These products can NOT be sold to members of the General Public. However, they may be used by HPC Registered Practitioners to treat their patients.

Prescription Only Medicine
These products can not be sold ‘over the counter’ to members of the public and may only be sold to HPC Registered Practitioners who are listed on the register as having a LA (Local Anesthetic) license.

Foot Orthotics
It is Algeos policy to not supply posted foot orthotics to non-HCPC registered practitioners. Examples include the Interpod and FIM ranges of orthoses.