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GlideWear Heel & Ankle Protectors

GlideWear Heel & Ankle Protectors

GlideWear Heel & Ankle Protectors 

Reference: SD2030

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GlideWear Heel & Ankle Protectors use a patented technology to protect skin and reduce the friction that causes bedsores.

Unlike foam or blow-up booties, GlideWear Heel & Ankle Protectors stay in place. They can be worn alone or over or under thicker socks for warmth.

Indications for Use:

  • Elderly people with limited mobility.
  • Wheelchair users who have redness, pain, or bedsores on their heels or ankles.
  • People recovering from surgery who are temporarily bed-bound.
  • People who use orthotics, walking boots (cast boots), or orthopedic footwear.

Indicated primarily for use during periods of extended bed-stay as well as for wheelchair users who have developed or are at risk of developing heel and ankle ulceration.


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