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Fisiotek 2000G CPM for Knee and Hip

Fisiotek 2000G CPM for Knee and Hip

Fisiotek 2000G CPM for Knee and Hip 

Reference: PX1024

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This apparatus mobilize the knee and hip and through the flexo-extension movement.

A continuous current motor controlled by an electronic card with microprocessor operates them. On the outside is a fixed keyboard with which each function can be programmed, and a movable keyboard that lets the patient stop and start the movement by using the STOP and START pushbuttons that have the same function as those on the fixed keyboard.

The apparatus can accept limbs having femur lengths of 32 to 46 centimetres, which correspond to a patient’s height of approximately 140 to 190 centimetres.

The special asymmetrical structure of the frame (right/left) grants easy and correct positioning of the patient’s limb so as to allow for true coincidence between the mechanical articulations and the patient’s joints. This way the mechanical stresses derived from the movement are discharged onto the mechanical part and not onto the joints. This makes the movement more comfortable and makes it easier for the patient to relax.


Weight: 14kgs

Programmable functions:

  • Knee flexion-extension range from -5° to 110°
  • Speed from speed from 0,8°/sec. to 4,6°/sec.       
  • Training time
  • Pause in both movements limits
  • Automatic increase of the extension/flexion limit


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