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Quick Release Nylon for Vacuum Forming & Final Laminations

Wasting time sorting through bags of nylon hose? Frustrated with product waste? Need more stretch in your fabrics? Concerned with inconsistent quality? We may have a solution....


Quality, Convenience with Less Waste
First quality fabric, FeatherStretch is conveniently stored on 25 yard rolls. Simply cut the amount needed and you are ready to go. Increase your overall efficiency and reduce your waste, because FeatherStretch is consistent and predictable.

Fits More Sizes and Larger Shapes
Stretches up to 750% larger than its original shape. Only two sizes of FeatherStretch accommodate a wide range of shapes, sizes and applications, from small AFO’s to large TLSO’s.

Multiple Fabrication Uses
For use with Foam or Plaster molds. FeatherStretch provides an excellent finish when vacuum forming or in final laminations.


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