EZ Elbow

Treatment system designed specifically to treat tennis elbow pain


Product Description
Universal sized elbow strap with interchangeable heat acupressure and ice therapy

Functional compression platform (strap) integrates treatments; go from heat to acupressure to ice in seconds!

Use compression sleeve during activities as a therapy system (do not use spikeplates during activity)

System improves blood flow to the tendons in the elbow for accelerated healing

Using compression strap in spikeplates mode with Xtensor corrective exercise device further improves blood-flow due to localized tissue stimulator

Armband can be used alone, or with hot pack, cold pack or acupressure plate inserted into pocket

EZ Elbow Features: 

  • Armband
  • Cold Packs x2
  • Hot Pack
  • Spikeplates (pair)