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Europa B EVO Autoclave 16 Litre Class B

Europa B EVO Autoclave 16 Litre Class B

Europa B EVO Autoclave 16 Litre Class B 

Reference: TG0015

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Product Features & Benefits:
• Compact and efficient vacuum steam autoclave ideal for clinics.
• The chamber size satisfies the daily needs of sterilised instruments.
• Save time, energy and water consumption.
• Simple and intuitive selection of wide choice of cycles.
• All cycles are completely automated with no human
intervention. Each phase (vacuum, preheating, exposure time, drying) is monitored, supported and managed automatically.
• Each cycle has an automatic function, which intervenes at the end of the cycle in case of absence of operators, starting an anti-condensation phase and automatic auto-shut-off. This is a system that prevents the creation of condensation and ensures perfect drying of the instruments and keeps the equipment safe.
• Sterilise large loads up to 5 kg.
• Certified for all EN 13060 standards, for sterilisation of all load types: free and packaged instruments, hollow equipment, hand pieces, turbines, and porous materials such as fabrics, bandages, gauzes.
• Test cycles included:
- The Helix test cycle evaluates the extraction capacity of air pockets in hollow parts and instruments.
- The Bowie & Dick cycle evaluates the vacuum capacity in porous materials.
- Vacuum test evaluates the vacuum holding capacity.
• Warer connection directly to the water network, through the reverse osmosis PURA model. This solution allows to feed the autoclave continuously, avoiding the purchase and loading of distilled or demineralized water, and therefore reducing costs and eliminating manual operations. It is also possible to direct the used water tank in direct discharge, guaranteeing additional time savings.
• Equipped with double inspectable tanks, one for clean water and the other one for used water.
• Double safety on the door: mechanical-electromagnetic and electric safety.
• 1 year standard warranty
• Contact us for Servicing options and extended warranty.


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