Ebiox Ultra SSC


Ebiox ULTRA SSC Surgical Steel Reconditioning powder removes stains, ‘rust’ marks and dull shadow from the surface of surgical instruments and stainless steel.

Product Description

Product Features and Benefits:

  • A blend of metal cleaners and scale removers.
  • Prolongs the investment in expensive surgical instruments.
  • Removes stains and rust marks.
  • Removes other oxide films that cause dulling, turning instruments into ‘as new’.
  • Supplied as a 100gm powder shaker
Indications for use:
  • ULTRA SSC powder is ideal for reconditioning the damaged surface of surgical steel and reforming the bright protective metal film.
  • ULTRA SSC removes stains and ‘rust’ marks as well as other oxide films that cause dulling, giving treated instruments an almost “as new” appearance.