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Diaped Duosoft Flow Diabetic Insoles

Diaped Duosoft Flow Diabetic Insoles

Diaped Duosoft Flow Diabetic Insoles 

Reference: SB2400

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The Duosoft Flow insoles® unique design combines the latest gel technology with the tried and trusted properties of Medical Grade PORON 96.


Features and benefits:

  • Provide excellent cushioning, off-loading and shock absorbency.
  • Can be used in combination with a contoured insole.
  • Duosoft Flow insoles fit into both traditional footwear and 'additional depth' orthopaedic shoes.
  • Universal sizing - cut to fit. Each pack comes with cut-to-size sizing chart.

How does the Gel Cell Base work?

122 individual gel cells independently react to the foot floor increasing the available surface area and reducing peak loading¹ with differing levels of resistance and compression, creating a continuous ‘pump effect’ (Source:  Anthony, S. Williamson, J. (2013) A Study to Investigate the Effect of Sofsole® Silicone Gel Insoles on Plantar Pressure (kPa), in Non-Pathological Participants. (Unpublished))
This innovative gel cell is designed to reduce impact, to dampen vibration and to displace pressure.
This low durometer gel technology is manufactured from a true visco-elastic gel. The gel cells do not leach oil, or not flatten during use and do not compress over time.

PORON Top Cover

PORON Medical Urethanes are formulated to last. They contain no plasticisers or processing agents and do not
become brittle or crack with age. PORON materials pass both the Schwartz and Peck Human Patch Tests for primary skin irritation.
PORON Urethanes have been proven to reduce vertical pressures by up to 18%. The slow recovery quality of the material cradles the foot and allows  enhanced redistribution of body weight over the foot's plantar surface. It is soft, comfortable and helps the feet to remain cool, dry and odourless



Use of insoles for medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, metatarsalgia, etc. should always be supervised by qualified health professionals. 

Note this product was previously named and referred to as ‘Sofsol insole’ in the mentioned study.


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