Shockwave Therapy & High Energy Laser Solutions From EMS

Learn how patients and practitioners are benefiting from this incredible technology 

About EMS

Who is EMS & what do they do?

Electro medical systems (EMS) is a Swiss market leader in the manufacturing of medical equipment for use physical therapy and orthopaedics and the dental industry.

The main aim of EMS if to provide solutions to improve practitioners' and patients' lives by using modern medical technology and therapeutic outcomes to see results in cases of injury and illness.

Shockwave & Laser Therapies

What are the benefits to Shockwave & Laser Therapies?

The combined use of extracorporeal High Power Laser & Shockwave machines provide both patient and practitioner with an effective solution to a number of different injuries.

Shockwave therapy (SWT) aims at delivering high energy shockwaves to the affected area and encourages the natural healing process of the body to deliver pain relief and treatment to patients suffering from a number of conditions. 

Shockwave therapy is typically a quick process and is proven to be effective after just a few sessions. Additionally the use of SWT is safe to be combined with different treatments and therapies and requires no medication or surgery to complete.

Guided DolarClast Therapy

The 6 Step Guided DolarClast Therapy

EMS has devised a 6 step treatment concept to help patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders based on combined therapy methods to successfully to safely and effectively treat 90% of cases.

The purpose of this treatment is to maximise treatment outcomes and to transform the experience of patients to offer a pain-free experience and confidence in patients recovery. The success of treatment outcome additionally improves the success of health care practices to enable productivity, visibility and profitability which has futher benefits to patient and practitioner in the long term.