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Digital Care Kit

Digital Care Kit 

Reference: SI1506

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Silipos® offers most popular digital care products in a convenient kit specifically designed for easy in-office dispensing. This complete system makes it simple to store and refill products.
Product Features and Benefits:
•  A convenient and economical way to store, display and dispense our most popular digital care products.
•  Special compartments for each product allow you to easily select the best solution for the condition you
   are treating.


Included in the kit:

  • 6 Small/Medium - Digital Caps - SI1376
  • 4 Mini - Digital Pads - SI1342
  • 4 Small/Medium - Digital Pads - SI1344
  • 4 Large/XLarge - Digital Pads - SI1346
  • 2 3/4” x 6” - Mesh Tubing - SI1438
  • 6 Small - Gel Toe Separators - SI1460
  • 6 Large - Gel Toe Separators - SI1462
  • 4 Medium - Gel Toe Spreaders - SI1456
  • 4 Large - Gel Toe Spreaders - SI1458


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