Diaped Prosorb Insoles

Diabetic Orthotic Insole for diabetic & arthritic feet constructed from Ortholite and Plastazote. Moderate levels of control.

Product Description

Plastazote and OrthoLite combination = lightweight, warming and contouring total contact off-the-shelf orthotic insoles

The Diaped ProSorb orthoric insole are a dual combination devices designed to reduce mean peak pressures at the site of neuropathic ulceration, helping prevent ulceration in at-risk feet.

Indications for use:

  • Bunions. 
  • Charcot foot. 
  • Diffuse callosities. 
  • Insensate feet. 
  • Metatarasalgia. 
  • Plantar fasciitis. 
  • Neuropathy. 
  • Insulation for Warmth.
  • Prevention of Chilblains.

(Top Cover) is recognized by medical professionals as the material of choice for treating diabetic and arthritic feet. It has a excellent thermal properties, distinctive self contouring capabilities and a hypoallergenic formulation.

OrthoLite (Base Material) is breathable for a cooler foot – OrthoLite is made with open-cell foam, allowing air to circulate around the foot, keeping your foot cooler inside the shoe. The unique open cell structure of OrthoLite also creates a moisture management system inside the shoe by moving moisture away from the foot leaving foot drier.

When the foot is removed from the shoe any remaining moisture dries very quickly due to the airflow allowed by the open cell network in the foam.


Diaped Prosorb Insoles features & benefits:

  • Constructed from OrthoLite and Plastazote, Diaped ProSorb offers a moderate level of control whilst also providing the necessary cushioning required for reducing peak pressures.
  • The distinctive self-contouring capabilities and hypoallergenic formulation of Plastazote mean it is recognised as the material of choice for treating diabetic and arthritic feet.
  • The patented anti-microbial formulation of the OrthoLite base allows for a cooler, more hygienic in-shoe environment.
  • The anatomical design facilitates off-loading at the forefoot area, whilst the OrthoLite base provides more control.

Sold in pairs.


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