Diaped Flux-200 Doppler | Best seller for at-risk foot - Diabetes and Neuropathies


Compact and lightweight, quick and easy to use for professionals and patients alike.

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Product Description

The Diaped Flux-200 is a pocket size portable doppler, a uselful tool for healthcare professionals in clinic or domiciliary visits in the foot at risk with diabetic and neurological component.                              

Features & Benefits:

•  Compact and lightweight, quick and easy to use.
•  High sensitivity Doppler probe.
•  LCD Display (battery, heart rate and heart rhythm indicators).
•  Ergonomic design.
•  Audible speaker and headphone jack (headphones not provided).
•  On/off/volume control switch.
•  Probes available separately (2 Mhz, 4 Mhz, 5 Mhz or replacement of 8 Mhz)
•  12 Month warranty.


•  8 Mhz Probe ideal for vascular assessment.
•  Protecting bag.
•  Batteries (1.5V AA X 2).

Note 60ml tube of ultrasound gel may be included (until stock lasts)

Technical specification:

Heart rate range: 50 - 240 bpm
Accuracy: +/- 2%
Speaker output power: 1.2W (Built in Loudspeaker)
Audio Output for Earphone
Battery life: 6 hours