Solesee Diabetic Foot Mirror

Solesee is a discreet, portable and easy to use mirror for people with high risk feet conditions.


Product Description

Solesee Diabetic Foot Mirror Features:

If you or your patients have diabetes or any other medical condition that means their feet are classified as “high risk” then they should be educated to check their feet every day. By inspecting their feet underneath daily, they can identify potential skin damage and therefore seek medical help quickly.

Developed with input from both podiatrists and patients with high risk feet conditions, Solesee has been designed to make checking feet as easy as possible at home, away on business, or on holiday.

With a light, shatterproof mirror, Solesee folds into a discreet and easy to carry iPad sized folder that fits into a large handbag, briefcase, or rucksack.

Daily foot monitoring is proven to reduce amputations

Some diseases (particularly diabetes) affect the nerve endings and therefore the body’s ability to sense and feel pain. If you have a high risk foot, the ability of your feet to heal is impaired. If it is not treated quickly, the wound could become ulcerated and infection may occur, which could lead to a number of more serious conditions.

The incidence of amputation in people with diabetes is much higher than that of people without diabetes.

If patients inspect the underneath of their feet daily, they can pick up on potential skin damage, therefore seeking medical help soon after finding there is something wrong.

Diabetic Foot Mirror Benefits

  • Discreet and compact design.
  • Easy to use for the less able.
  • Large format mirror for visually impaired.
  • Lightweight, fold away design.

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Committed to Quality - Solesee was designed, and is manufactured, in the UK. The acrylic, shatterproof mirror is produced in Coventry and the folder is produced and assembled in Essex.  We are proud to be supporting UK Businesses.



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