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DARCO Puzzle Insole


DARCO Puzzle Insole 


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The DARCO Puzzle Insole® allows an effective offloading of the plantar aspect of the foot by simply replacing the modules. Both EVA-foam soles only differ in grade of shore-stiffness. Three replaceable modules (little toe module, hallux module, and centrepiece) can be exchanged individually depending on the most different indications.
Puzzle Insole modular Insole Puzzle Insole modular Insole Puzzle Insole modular Insole
Great Toe Module
The modular insole was developed for plantar pressure redistribution with specific use after forefoot and midfoot-operations. By simply replacing the interchangeable modules, the patient can achieve the perfect pressure distribution for each indication. Additional pressure relief of up to 22% in the front is affected by the wedge-shaped sole, that tapers toward the heel.
  • Small Toe Module (narrow)
    Tailor’s bunion.
    Jones fracture.
  • Large Toe Module (wide)
    osteotomy: austin, scarf, akin, youngswick, etc.
    Arthrodesis: lapidus, MTP joint and base joint of the large toe.
  • Middle Module
    Weil and/or helal osteotomy I – IV.
    Morton’s neuroma.
    Hammertoe, Tailor’s Bunion correction.
    PIP arthrodesis.

Features and Benefits:

  • For selective off-loading and acute treatments.
  • Interchangeable components.
  • Each Puzzle Insole® system includes a black high-density EVA-sole and a blue lower density sole.
  • Separately available for left shown orthopaedic devices.
  • Right and left fit.



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