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DARCO Body Armor Stirrup Acute Ankle Brace


DARCO Body Armor Stirrup Acute Ankle Brace 

Reference: NV3345

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The DARCO Body Armor® Stirrup Brace is an ankle joint orthosis which is applied during the acute phase of injury as well as during the process of rehabilitation. The external shells adjust perfectly to the anatomy of the ankle joint. Modifying the size in the rear area allows for a smooth and comfortable fit also in case of severe swelling. Two circularly closing hook and loop straps provide stability and promote the compression of the mortise. As the orthosis is built of synthetic material only it does not have to be removed for X-ray.
  • Conservative and postoperative ankle rehabilitation.
  • Acute ankle injuries with severe swelling.
  • Chronic ligament instabilities.
  • For acute injuries of the ankle joint with a serious swelling.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation.
  • For chronic instability of the capsular ligaments.
  • For prevention and rehabilitation as well.
  • Post-traumatic stabilisation of the ankle joint.
  • Ankle stabilisation from unintentional supination and pronation.
Features and Benefits:
  • No removal of the brace necessary for X-ray.
  • 1 Size: Universal.
  • Anatomically shaped stirrups ensure a perfect fit.
  • Customisable.
  • Physiologically correct movement of the foot.
  • Prevents the frontal shift of the Talus.
  • Right and left fit.
  • Easy to use hook and loop fastener.
  • Plantar width adjustable base.

    Technical Specification:
  • Ankle Brace Height: 24cm

  • Ankle Brace Length at base: 11cm

  • Width circumference at Leg: 8.3cm

  • Width circumference at Ankle: 7cm

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