DARCO OrthoWedge Light Paediatric Off-loading Shoe


Darco OrthoWedge Shoe for Post-Surgical Healing Weight-bearing pressure on the forefoot can be painful, especially after a foot operation or if you have forefoot wounds or ulcerations. The Darco OrthoWedge Shoe for Post-Surgical Healing is an effective offloading post-operative shoe and has been clinically proven to reduce pressure from the forefoot to promote proper healing.



Product Description

DARCO OrthoWedge Light Paediatric Off-loading Shoe Features:

How Can the OrthoWedge Shoe Help Me?

When forefoot offloading is required to allow wounds or ulcerations under the metatarsal heads and toes to heal, nothing beats the OrthoWedge Shoe. The product can be used for a number of conditions, including: Post-surgical healing Forefoot trauma Metatarsal wounds or ulcerations Any situation that requires forefoot pressure offload Key Features and Benefits Suitable for the left and right foot Includes an insole which can be modified as needed Square toe design acts as bumper to protect toes Reduces forefoot pressure by as much as 57%.

Does the Post-Surgical Shoe Successfully Relieve Pressure?

The images below demonstrate the decrease in pressure to the forefoot area that can be attained by using the Darco OrthoWedge Shoe.

Can I Wear the OrthoWedge Outdoors? 

While the Healing Shoe isn't specifically designed for outdoor use, it is made with a robust tread on the bottom, so should provide enough traction and support for most terrains.

How Do I Use the Shoe Correctly?

Open the shoe and place your foot in the shoe Ensure the foot is securely positioned Place the heel of the foot as far back as possible Close the shoe with the hook and loop fasteners Ensure that the shoe isn't secured too loosely or tightly When being worn, ensure that you take greater care when walking Please note that the outer edges of the shoe (by the toes) should not touch the ground when you are walking.