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  1. Pressure ulcer

    10 Things you can do to prevent pressure ulcers at home

    A pressure ulcer is an injury to the skin and underlying tissue, typically occurring when a person is confined to a bed or chair for prolonged periods of time. By disrupting the blood flow to an area under consistent pressure causes the skin to expand, which then develops into a pressure ulcer.

  2. SDCA

    Swiss DolorClast Academy 2022

    Date: 15th October, 29th October and 26th November 

    Venue: Leeds, London and Bristol 

    Swiss DolorClast Academy (SDCA) offers training programs to spread the knowledge about Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy with a view to improve patient care. SDCA training courses are aimed at and designed for healthcare professionals.

  3. RCOP

    Podiatric Sports Medicine 2022

    Date: 8 - 9th December 2022

    Venue: Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow (232 - 242 Saint Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5RJ) 

    The 10th Podiatric Sports Medicine Conference will be taking place on 8 and 9th December 2022 at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

  4. BCA 2022

    British Chiropractic Association 2022

    Date: 5th - 6th November 2022

    Venue: The Vox, Birmingham International Complex 

    The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) is the largest representative for chiropractors in the UK. They are welcoming all BCA members, students and the healthcare community together to learn about the latest techniques, research and public health trends. 

  5. Therapy Expo 2022

    Therapy Expo 2022

    Date: 23rd-24th November 2022 

    Venue: Birmingham NEC 

    Therapy Expo is the leading educational event for physiotherapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, soft tissue therapists and massage therapists. 

  6. Klarna with Algeos

    Algeos offer new payment service to help customers spread the costs

    Spread the cost of device and equipment expenditure with Klarna. No more upfront investment for prescribed patient devices. You pay, when you get paid!

  7. The Queens Death

    Bank Holiday Closure

    Our offices will be closed for the bank holiday as a mark of respect for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. We want to allow employees the opportunity to pay their respects and commemorate the Queen's reign.

  8. Kids Feet

    Does Your Child Need Foot Orthotics?

    As a child develops, the feet go through several stages of maturity, from a softer structure at a young age to a more rigid structure with growth. Many complications can occur from improper foot function making it important to screen children’s feet during development.

  9. Northern Powerhouse

    Powerhouse Perspective: Max Sheridan

    In the latest instalment of Insider's Q&A series on the Northern Powerhouse, Max Sheridan, managing director at Algeos, discusses what the initiative means to him, calls for greater funding for councils and communities, and outlines the importance of skills and talent acquisition.

  10. Team Algeos about to jump

    #Team Algeos Jump out of plane for Claire House

    Weather permitting; in a few hours’ time, I will be getting into an aircraft, before climbing to an altitude of over ten thousand feet, only to launch myself out of an open door and jump from a perfectly serviceable aircraft and head southwards towards the earth below.

  11. Windlass Diagram

    Plantar Fascia Grooves in Foot Orthoses

    It is widely acknowledged that the foot should be a supportive structure to resist the forces that are applied to it during the propulsive or push of phase of gait. To do this the arch of the foot should be become elevated and the foot becomes more supinated. There are a number of ways in which the foot can do this.

  12. 3D Printing for Foot Orthotics

    Voxelcare 3D Printing Solutions Now Shipping

    Introducing the VXC3DP Filament Cube from Voxelcare, a modular FDM unit containing a 3D printer that can operate as a single-unit system or combined with multiple VXC3DP Cubes to increase production output.

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