In order to improve patient care, the Swiss DolorClast Academy (SDCA) provides training courses to disseminate awareness of extracorporeal shock wave therapy. Healthcare professionals are the target audience for and designers of SDCA training programmes. The healthcare professionals include Swiss DolorClast users, orthopaedic surgeons, clinicians, sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists, nurses, and medical students. 
Described as a single acoustic pulse with a quick increase to a high peak pressure followed by a rapid fall to below ambient pressure, a shock wave is an example of this. From the point of touch on the skin's surface, they are transmitted to the affected area.
The Swiss DolorClast® Method treats musculoskeletal and dermatological disorders with single acoustic pressure waves. To improve treatment outcomes, it provides and combines two technologies: the spread of radial and/or targeted shock waves.

If you would like to book onto any of the SDCA trainign events please email [email protected] or [email protected]


Date: 15th October, 29th October and 26th November 

Venue: Leeds, London and Bristol 

Attending from Algeos: Eleanor McGrory, John McGuinness, Elizabeth Ginnelly and Graham Beck.