Women running in marathon towards a camera, while smiling

Are you marathon ready?


The London Marathon is just around the corner, inviting tens of thousands of runners to take to the streets of the capital for the second-longest distance run in the UK. Started in 1981, the 26.2 mile route is a test of athleticism and determination for everyone involved whilst also raising thousands for worth charities across the country.

For those participating in the marathon on April 23rd, we have compiled a list of our top ten tips for making sure you are marathon-ready, both before and after the event!


  1. It’s not just a physical race…

Running a marathon is no easy feat and can be mentally draining as well as physically stressful. Practise positive self-talk strategies, relaxation exercises and focusing techniques to ensure you have your eye on that finish line during both training and the race itself. 

  1. Push yourself, but be patient

It is good to remember that such long-distance races aren’t a competition between you and the person in front or behind you, but between you and the distance itself. Begin the race at a gentler pace and work up to push yourself in the last six miles, focusing on one mile at a time. It’s better to finish the race last than not at all!

  1. Work on your strength

While it is often neglected by runners, it is imperative that you work on your strength in order to maintain pace, improve stamina and bolster overall performance. For easy at-home workouts, tone loops and gym balls are a great way to build muscle without putting too much pressure on your joints.

  1. Footwear is key!

It is no secret that every runner needs a good pair of trainers to prevent damage to their feet, but did you know that most people’s feet need more support than trainers can provide? Insoles are designed specifically to aid the alignment and stability of the feet, ensuring maximum comfort when travelling over long distances. The Poron XRD Yellow insoles are 90% shock absorbing, breathable and easily fitted into shoes, meaning you can go further with more comfort than ever before!

  1. Remember to body scan

Keep an eye on how your body is moving while you’re running. Once the adrenaline wears off after around 45 minutes into a race is a good time to take stock of your pace, how you’re feeling and if there is any annoying discomforts you can mitigate before they turn painful.

  1. Refuel

At some point in the race, you will hit a wall where fatigue sets in and you’ll be physically and mentally drained. It is important that at this time you want to be refuelling your body. Sipping water, electrolyte drinks, energy gels or chews and even simple granola bars and bananas will help to keep you going until the finish line.

  1. Listen to your body

Avoiding injury should be your number one priority. While any test of endurance is going to push you, listen to your body and know that it’s better to stop and have a rest than to do yourself serious damage.

  1. Rest!

It is recommended that everyone who runs a marathon takes at least a week off from running post-race to ensure that the body has time to rest and recover. During this time, make sure you’re refuelling, and caring for yourself with massages, hot and cold therapy and plenty of rest!

  1. Look after your joints

Long-distance running can be incredibly stressful on your joints, particularly your knees and ankles. Investing in good products that help promote the fast healing of any pain or inflammation, such as the FIT Sports balm, will stop you from sustaining lasting damage.

  1. Enjoy yourself!

It is a fantastic achievement to run a marathon, and whether you’re doing it for yourself or for charity, the fact that you’re doing it is amazing!


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