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Case Studies & Research Papers

NHS Lothian Case Study

NHS Lothian has been using Algeos’ extensive Interpod orthotics range for more than five years. Here, NH...

University of Southampton Research Paper

Effect of Interpod and Custom Orthoses on Plantar Loading of the 1st Metatarsophalangeal Joint During Gait

AJPM Original Research Paper

The response of the foot to prefabricated orthoses of different arch heights

Supporting the Foot

Prefabricated foot orthoses made by Interpod Ltd have been shown to improve the foot malalignment.

Diabetic Foot Journal Case Report

The introduction of a new prefabricated diabetic insole (Algeos Ltd) designed to modify foot biomechanics may offe...


Medicapteurs T Plate

Cost effective pressure analysis for all! The T-Plate foot press...

Co-Clens Surface Disinfectant Spray

Co-Clens Surface Disinfectant Spray

Active ingredient...

Equazone Pressure Relieving Air Cushion

Equazone Pressure Relieving Air Cushion

Self inflating static air cushion that can reduce pressure for a...

Flexitol Hand Balm (56g)

Flexitol Hand Balm (56g)

Medically proven to provide effective, long lasting moisturisati...