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Bowie Dick Test


Bowie Dick Test  

Reference: NV1911

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The Bowie-Dick test is a unique combination of advance Browne intelligent ink technology and the original Bowie Dick concept. The test is for class B autoclaves and is used to verify that the autoclave chamber is holding a vacuum during the sterilisation cycle and to evaluate the efficiency of steam penetration in porous loads.

Product Usage:

  • A successful test confirms that steam penetration into a test pack is rapid and even and, by implication, that air and other non-condensable gases have been effectively removed.
  • The chemical indicator sheet at the centre of the pack shows a defined colour change from yellow to dark blue/purple when exposed to a specific combination of time, temperature and steam.
  • 134˚C-137˚C for up to 3.5 minutes

Availability: Sold individually.
(Entire pack is put into the autoclave).


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