Bodytonix Reinforced Cervical Collar - Post Strain Comfort and Support

Relieve neck pain and strain with the revolutionary Bodytonix Reinforced Cervical Collar.


Designed by orthopedic experts, the Bodytonix Reinforced Cervical Collar provides exceptional support and comfort for those recovering from neck injuries or experiencing chronic pain. Its patented design combines firm reinforcement with soft, breathable materials to gently cradle and stabilize your neck, promoting faster healing and relief.

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Product Description

Bodytonix Reinforced Cervical Collar:

The Bodytonix Reinforced Cervical Collar is a game-changer for anyone recovering from a neck strain or injury. Designed with your comfort and support in mind, this innovative collar provides the critical stabilization your cervical spine needs to heal properly.

Crafted with high-quality, reinforced materials, the Bodytonix collar offers unparalleled neck support that goes beyond basic neck braces. Its ergonomic design conforms to the natural curves of your neck, distributing weight evenly to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Whether you're dealing with a recent whiplash injury, chronic neck strain, or are simply looking to prevent further damage, the Bodytonix Reinforced Cervical Collar is an essential tool for your recovery. Its adjustable fit ensures a customized level of support, allowing you to find the perfect balance between mobility and stabilization.


The Bodytonix Reinforced Cervical Collar is designed to provide comfort and support for individuals recovering from neck strain or injuries.


  • Kinaesthetic Reminder: The collar limits neck movement, serving as a reminder to avoid excessive motion.

  • Anatomical Shape: Maintains the neck in a neutral position for optimal healing.

  • Custom Fit: The hook and loop strapping closure allows for individual adjustments.

  • Reinforced Insert: Provides additional support and control through the neck area.


  • Pain Relief: Designed to relieve pain associated with mild neck injuries.

  • Stabilization: Offers stability and support during the recovery process.

  • Comfort: The reinforced foam insert ensures comfortable wear.


  • Post-Strain Recovery: Ideal for managing neck strain or minor injuries.

  • Support During Healing: Use it during the healing phase after neck-related issues.

  • Controlled Movement: Helps limit neck motion to prevent exacerbation of injuries.

Indications for use:

  • Acute neck pain.
  • Minor muscle spasm associated with spondylosis.
  • Protection during halo application.


Sizing = Neck circumference (see below).

Small - 34cm – 38cm

Medium - 38cm – 41cm

Large - 45cm – 50cm

X-Large - 50cm – 52cm



Don't let neck pain hold you back any longer. Order the Bodytonix Reinforced Cervical Collar today and reclaim your active, pain-free lifestyle!