Bodytonix Heroes Pavlik Harness

The Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Harness is specially designed to gently position a baby's hips so they are aligned in the joint and to keep the hip joint secure.
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Product Description

Bodytonix Heroes Pavlik Harness Features & Benefits:

  • The pavlik harness is a dynamic flexion abduction orthosis which leads to stability of reduced hip
  • Consists of a chest strap, 2 shoulder straps, 2 stirrups & 2 booties
  • By positioning a baby's hips in such a way that the hip joint is aligned and stable, it will help normal growth and development of the hip joint.
  • Booties will provide advanced comfort
  • Soft stirrups with contact closure for ease of application and adjustment
  • Washable and reusable

Indications for Use:
Developmental dysplasia of the hip


Age Size Chest Circumference
Small baby X Small 12"-14" (30cm-36cm)
0-3 Months Small 14"-16" (36cm-41cm)
3-6 Months Medium 16"-18" (41cm-46cm)
6-9 Months Large 18"-21" (46cm-53cm)