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Aortha Lams - PORON/Plastazote Combination Sheets


Aortha Lams - PORON/Plastazote Combination Sheets  


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The combination of PORON and Plastazote provides combined cushioning and moulding properties. This unique combination consisting of Plastazote, with its proven therapeutic features and PORON, with its unique cushioning abilities gives you assurance in fabricating a long lasting product with multiple benefits for your patient. 
Plastazote is the most common closed cell, polyethylene foam used in the foot orthotic industry. It will adhere to most materials, it is readily washable, discourages bacteria growth and has good thermal properties. 
PORON is a good shock attenuator and is very durable. It is commonly used as the middle and top layer of a soft orthoses. 
One of the main causes for diabetic ulceration is the increase in plantar pressure on the bottom of the foot; especially, the forefoot and the heel area. Foot deformities, which are common in diabetic patients, lead to focal area of high pressure. When an abnormal focus of pressure is coupled with lack of sensation, a foot ulcer can develop. Therefore, off-loading plantar foot pressure is an important component in treating diabetic foot ulcerations.
Studies have shown that using PORON and Plastazote together are effective in reducing pressure and FTI (Force Time Integral) under the forefoot. Diabetic patients and patients with peripheral neuropathy will benefit hugely from insoles made from this combination as it reduces pressure and tissue damage.
  • Benefits of two well-known materials, combined into one.
  • ‘Real’ PORON - ensures high performance and unrivalled quality.
  • Range of high quality plastazotes in a variety of colours.
  • Excellent cushioning and moulding properties.
  • Use for devices that can help prevent tissue damage.
  • Pressure reduction.
  • Durable.
  • Helps reduce ulceration risk in diabetic patients. 
  • Ideal for total contact treatment.
  • Reduce stock requirements.
  • Save manufacturing time.
  • Cost effective
Material Options
PORON 4708 - Medical Blue
Soft Supporting • medical grade quality - skin tested by Satra.  
Medium density foam material - lasting comfort and compression.
LD45* Plastazote - Pink
Latex-free, non toxic • Hypoallergenic - Plastazote foam helps reduce skin irritation.
Consistent cell structure - no distortion during conversion. Very easy to fabricate.
PORON 4400 - Dark Green
Antimicrobial (contains Microban)• Stops the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Provides consistent, reliable and long-lasting antimicrobial protection that will not wear away. Performance grade - shock absorbing.
LD45* Plastazote - Blue
Latex-free, non toxic • Hypoallergenic - Plastazote foam helps reduce skin irritation. Consistent cell structure - no distortion during conversion. Very easy to fabricate.
PORON 4000 - Grey
Shock Absorbing - High-energy return and excellent impact absorption • Long-term comfort and excellent compression-set resistance.
PORON Dual Layer - Red & Blue
High performance urethane that combines the durability and shock absorbing qualities of Poron 4000, with the softness and comfort of Poron 94, resulting in a superior dual layer foam. 


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