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With over 17,000 different product lines, the team at Algeos is passionate that the products we supply meet the everchanging requirements of our customers. We achieve this through our commitment to quality, innovation, excellent service, and collaborative partnerships.
We are well known for distributing a diverse range of high quality and market leading brands, and through expert research and development, we have devised our own Algeos brand portfolio.
In these pages, you will find solutions for the problems surrounding debilitating illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and rheumatism.
We provide materials and tools which will help provide mobility as well as clinical furniture, equipment and everyday consumables.
We really hope you enjoy purchasing from our catalogue and the additional features, such as the symbols we have added to make it easy to navigate and select the products right for you.

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Algeos UK Catalogue

We offer a wide range of products across the following four pillars, Consumables & Appliances, Foot Orthotics, Diagnostics, Assessment & Clinical Equipment and Materials & Manufacturing. Please see our catalogues below.

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Consumables and Appliances

Consumables & Appliances

Everyday consumables and physio & rehab products. Instruments, taping and strapping, dressings, walkers and blades.

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Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics and neutral moulded insoles which can be customised and adapted to patient’s needs. Includes paediatric and diabetic orthotics, heel lifts, wedging materials and orthotic components.

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Diagnostics, Assessment and Clinical Equipment

Diagnostics, Assessment & Clinical Equipment

Clinical furniture, equipment and innovative diagnostic and measurement tools for foot health assessment. Includes podiatry chairs, drills, diabetic foot and neuropathy testing, foot pressure and gait analysis tools.

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Materials and Manufacturing

Materials & Manufacturing

Orthotic materials, workshop technology, casting solutions, orthopaedic components and prosthetic supplies including new and innovative products. Includes foams, adhesives and bonding, carbon fibre composites, gel and felt sheeting and thermoplastics.

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