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Foot & Nail Care

A comprehensive range of pharmacy preparations including, nail treatments, antiseptics, anti-fungal, anaesthetics, caustics, disinfection solutions, and foot creams.

The sale of certain pharmaceutical products are subject to the following classifications and are highlighted throughout the pharmacy section:

General Sales List (GSL): A product which can be sold to members of the General Public.

Pharmaceutical Products (P): These products can NOT be sold to members of the General Public. However, they may be used by HPC Registered Practitioners to treat their patients.

Prescription Only Medicine (POM): These products can not be sold ‘over the counter’ to members of the public and may only be sold to HPC Registered Practitioners who are listed on the register as having a LA (Local Anaesthetic) licence.

Dr Anders Foot Creams

Introducing an exciting new range of footcare products, which deliver great benefits to your patients and high rev...

Flexitol Foot Creams

Range of skincare products for foot and nail care, as well as for sensitive and very dry skin.

CCS Foot Cream

Effective moisturisers and balms ideal for maintaining the condition of the skin on your feet.

Clearzal & Yavaped Creams

Wide range of foot care products and creams to promote healthy feet and legs.

Gehwol Foot Creams

Foot creams designed exclusively for professional foot care - the right solution for every foot problem.

E45 Creams

Symptomatic relief of dry skin conditions where the use of an emollient is indicated.

Moisturising Foot Creams

Foot Creams that deeply moisturise the feet if used regularly.

Callusan Foot Mousse

A range of mousse products developed to solve common skin without clogging pores.


Everyday foot care creams and medically orientated creams enriched with natural and organic ingredients.

Diabetic Foot Creams

Range of items specifically developed for the needs of diabetics.

Blisters, Callus & Corn Treatment

Featuring pads and plasters for the safe and effective treatment of corns & calluses.

Wart & Verruca Treatment

Products to treat warts and verrucae.

Athletes Foot & Anti-Fungal Treatments

Remedies for athletes foot and anti-bacterial foot conditions.

Caustics & Cryotherapy

Range of caustic items for treating warts and verrucae.

Pre-op & Antiseptics

Items for pre-op cleaning and disinfection.

Anaesthetics & Needles

A collection of needles and syrringes for admistering anaesthetic

Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncture needles with steel, copper or plastic handles. With or without guide tubes.

Hot and Cold Therapy

An effective way to treat injuries via hot or cold therapy.

First Aid Supplies

First aid kit supplies including plasters and wound dressings.


Wide range of silicones in various densities. For the production of silicone appliances.

Ultrasound Gel

Used for all types of ultrasound exams, including obstetric, vascular and cardiac.

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Foot & Nail Care

Everyday Podiatry consumables: Nail treatments, antiseptics, anti-fungal, anaesthetics, caustics, and foot creams.

InTray DM Diagnostic Test Kit

InTray DM Diagnostic Test Kit

Identify Dermatophyte Infections accurately and easily in your own clinic.

More Details

RUCK Nail Correction Ross Fraser Round Wire

RUCK Nail Correction Ross Fraser Round Wire

RUCK Nail Correction Ross Fraser Round Wire, 0.3 mm round wire, 25 m roll  

More Details

RUCK Ross Fraser round wire-set

RUCK Ross Fraser round wire-set

RUCK ROSS-FRASER round wire-set with instruments

More Details

Ruck Vinyl Superstretch Gloves (box of 100)

Ruck Vinyl Superstretch Gloves (box of 100)

Aortha Covering Rolls

Aortha Covering Rolls

HEBU Gold II Plaster Cast Saw, with blades and wrenches

HEBU Gold II Plaster Cast Saw, with blades and wrenches

HEBU Gold II Plaster Cast Saw with 65 and 50mm blades and two wr...

HQube UV-Sanitizing Box with power cable

HQube UV-Sanitizing Box with power cable

HQube original – ideal for mobile podiatry, for instrume...