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Podiatry Instruments

At Algeos Podiatry we stock a large amount of surgical instruments designed to help you with routine treatments and provide solutions for the more complex conditions presented to you on a daily basis:

Our huge range of Nova instruments includes everything from nippers and files, to scissors and forceps. All instruments are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, and at prices to suit all budgets.

Designed specifically for use on the sensitive diabetic foot. Uniquely they feature ultra fine blades and rounded tips to avoid harming sensitive skin and damaging nails.

Instrument Care and Maintenance:
When investing in good quality instruments, it is essential to provide the correct care and maintenance for them in order to ensure they retain high levels of functionality.

The Department of Health states “All surgical instruments that are used in the clinical environment should be decontaminated without exception. For example, it is unacceptable to process only those instruments that come into direct patient contact, all instruments and instrument trays, opened in the clinical environment, should be decontaminated between uses.”


A wide range of nippers designed to treat all types of condition and patient. Specialist diabetic range inclu...


Scissors designed for general purpose use and through to more specialist applications.


A selection of forceps for use in dissecting and dressing.


Designed to effectively lift the nail section from the nail bed.

Blacks Files and Probes

Designed for the treatment of ingrown nails by gently filing and clearing nail and debris along the edge of the nail.

Nail Files & Dressers

Instruments for the general care of feet and nails. Includes foot files, foot dressers and nail dressers.

Foot Sanders & Instrument Care

Tools for the general care of feet and for maintaining instruments.

Nova Instrument Starter Kit

A selection of our most popular instruments in useful starter kit.

Ingrowing Toenail Treatment

Treatment pack for ingrowing toenails

Cutiplast Steril

Cutiplast Steril

Cutiplast Steril is a dressing for primary wound management. The...

Slimflex Comfort - Full Length

Slimflex Comfort - Full Length

Slimflex Comfort combines the superior contouring of Slimflex Si...

Aortha Benchtop Glue Activator

Aortha Benchtop Glue Activator

The Aortha Benchtop Glue Activator is a device designed to help...

Slimflex Comfort - 3/4 Length Medium Density

Slimflex Comfort - 3/4 Length Medium Density

Slimflex Comfort combines the superior contouring of Slimflex Si...